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Big Book Fun - Numbers 1-10
In this activity, children will create two class big books that will reinforce their understanding of the numbers one through ten.
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Draw How Many
In this Math/Art activity, children will follow verbal directions by drawing pictures where indicated and show an understanding of numbers by drawing the correct number of objects, then creating addition sentences.
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How Many Seeds?
Children will write numbers on apples, and then show their understanding of the number's value by putting the corresponding number of seeds on each apple.
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Less Than/Greater Than Monsters
After reading "The Hungry Thing", students discuss the monster's eating habits and then create their own <> monster.
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Number Sense
After reading "If You Take a Pencil" students will construct their own counting book for the numbers 1-6.
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Numeral Recognition, Matching, and Writing
Using "Anno's Counting Book", this activity will develop: numeral recognition, one to one matching and the writing of numerals from 1-20.
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